Some interesting military stuff

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Oops, big lag since last entry. That's just because i lost something very precious in my life.

A report about a visit of a ICBM Titan 2 Launch Complex Site, and it's correlation to computer security, especially "tradeoffs in designing secure systems: balancing high availability with strong access control". Extremly interesting, not just the security procedures and aspects of it, but also the historic indications of the cold war.
"But more importantly, a few hundred of the successors to the Titans, the "Minuteman III" missiles, remain active in silos throughout the northern US, run by crews and following procedures essentially similar to those here."
And another important design decision: "Bombs are also engineered to fail gracefully." (PAM). Good to know :)

In other news, the plans for Star Wars seem to be on ice. This is good news, as the MAD doctrin still applies. I wonder if it really didnt work, or if all the failures was just to confuse the russians.

Blackwater does it like Diebold - Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones. But they didnt seem to have haxxored them, just intercepting the unencrypted video feed of some of its sensors. Better than google earth! (Update: Manual to intercept the mpeg data)
"Fixing the security gap would have caused delays, according to current and former military officials. It would have added to the Predator's price. Some officials worried that adding encryption would make it harder to quickly share time-sensitive data within the U.S. military". Similar problem like with the ICBM's.
Not surprising after all: "After 9/11, it rushed the armed Predator into service without so much as an instruction manual, and now it's struggling to figure out how to integrate the UAVs into an increased workload". Again, they like high availability.
And the newly aquired Reaper Drones share the same vulnerability. Obama likes them all, nevertheles. Maybe the Isreali one's are better designed.
Developing countrys seem to like to misuse US military equipment: The Great Brazilian Sat-Hack Crackdown.

How is this possible? Maaaybe like this...
Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
Electronic Spy Network Focused on Dalai Lama and Embassy Computers

In other news, unlike the military, an industry has it's focus more on the former (strong access control) than the latter (high availability):
DRM Chaos verhindert 3D-Vorpremieren von Avatar

Iran also has its problems with availability: Iran loses its only AWACS (in a parade!)

Better than having malware on board: Royal Navy warship lose email in virus infection

Despite some not so smart inventions, there are some really interesting development in weapon designs, like Iron Courtain (not this one).

Statistics of the day: The US should pull out of Washington

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